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Prescriptions that help relieve stomach pain

Abdominal pain usually grows slowly or it feels like a small ball is hitting the body. Whatever the feeling, the discomfort is overwhelming and everyone wishes to get rid of the pain immediately. The good thing is that often the solution to relieve this pain is in your kitchen.
Apple Vinegar:
Apple vinegar balances gastric acid which is essential for digestion of the diet, usually due to lack of acidic acid in the stomach makes it difficult to digest, which often results in abdominal pain. Drinking a teaspoon of food in a cup of water speeds up the process of gastric acid, while also relieving stomach ache.
Massage on the abdomen:
If abdominal pain is due to constipation, a gentle massage on the abdomen can provide relief but also relieve constipation. For this purpose, massage the clockwise with the index finger and big finger on the abdomen, which will also help break down the intestinal tract.
Drinking extra water:
Often abdominal pain is the result of constipation and intestinal obstruction, which is often the cause of dehydration; water is essential not only to the intestines but also helps to improve digestion and absorb nutrients. If so, drinking the right amount of water can relieve stomach ache.
Aloe vera juice:
If there is abdominal pain after eating, then aloe vera juice can help relieve it, drinking 1/3 cup of this juice relieves stomach pain by soothing the esophagus.
Chew ginger:
Ginger also stimulates digestion, chewing a centimeter of ginger for a few minutes, which will stimulate the digestive system and relieve stomach pain.
Lemon tea or water:
Lemons are also very beneficial for digestive system; if you do not feel well after eating, then a cup of hot lemon tea or a tablespoon of lemon juice mixed with a cup of water helps relieve stomach pain.
There are several components in the bone marrow that help repair cells; if poor diet results in abdominal cramps or digestive problems, or if there is a stomach upset due to the use of drugs, it can often cause cellular damage. Damage results, however, and can be a good weapon to repair. After a cup of warm refrigeration, take a few deep breaths and that’s it.

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